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Welcome to Escape Waste – a zero waste shop and blog to help you reduce your trash and eliminate single-use plastic from your everyday life and our planet. This is the perfect place to begin your zero waste journey and learn how to live more sustainably by changing your shopping and consumer habits.

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Zero-Waste Sunscreen

Want to smell like a can of Betty Crocker frosting after a break-up, or Dobrilo Nenadić on a sunny day in Arilje?  When traveling, bring a TSA-approved bottle of your own raspberry seed oil sunscreen. Highly water-resistant and spectrophotometrically calculated...

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Zero Waste Mouthwash Recipe

Boil 500 mL water.Cool to room temperature.Add 30 drops of peppermint essential oil.Add 15 drops of clove essential oil.Shake well. Store in pharmaceutical-grade amber glass (mine's an old Aesop bottle). Swish using small glass beakers. Buy essential oil in your own...

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Zero Waste Oral / Dental Hygiene

If you are a big fan of one ingredient solutions, then you want to make barely nothing.  Use baking soda with xylitol, a bar of soap.  Brush with a bamboo toothbrush.  We promise it won't cause you a cavity and your dental routine will be pretty much...

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